HY poster award.jpg

Hailey presents (and wins an award!) at the 15th Annual Graduate Student Research Symposium

(April 2022)

RW 2022_5.jpg

Recruitment weekend

(March 2022)


Celebrating Max's paper in Org. Lett.

(March 2022)


Making a wish... 

(Dec 2021)

Max prelim.jpg

Max passes his preliminary exam! (Nov 2021)

Group picture_Fall2021.jpg

New group picture (Nov 2021)

QuibriaPhD_810_Group pic.jpg

Dr. Quibria Guthrie passes her PhD defense ! (April 2021)

Carolynn prelim.jpg
Hailey's prelim celebration.jpg

Carolynn passes her preliminary exam!

March 2021

Hailey passes her preliminary exam!

Oct 2020


Group picture before Carolynn's 2nd year talk

Feb 2020

Group meeting_June2019.jpg

Group meeting outside during a fire alarm...

we don't waste any time!

June 2019

PGEWMM_Molecules publication celebration

Celebrating the group's second paper.

Congratulations to Michael, Evan, and Preston! 

May 2019

Annual poster session_2019.jpg
QG O2 reactions.jpg
Matching outfits.jpg

Preston presenting a poster at SERMACS

Oct 2019


Congratulations to Quibria and Hailey on the Chem. Sci.! 

Aug 2019

Annual Chemistry Department poster session

March 2019

Another "chemistry party" in Quibria's fume hood!

March 2019

Matching outfits!

March 2019

QG prelim.jpg

Quibria passes her prelim!

September 2018

Michael's graduation_121918.jpg

Michael's graduation 

December 2018

Jazmine_REU poster session.jpg

Jazmine presents her poster at the 17th Annual Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium 

July 2018

Celebrating the group's first paper. Congrats Quibria! 

April 2018

Celebrating the group's first paper. Congrats Quibria! 

April 2018

Parallel SPPS (Evan)

Summer birthdays!

Aug 2017

Group lunch / farewell to Carolynn!

(but she'll be back....!)

Aug 2017

Carolynn presents her poster at the 16th Annual Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium

August 2017

Quibria learns how to work with thiols...

At the very beginning...first peptide synthesis!

Michael, Quibria and Tyler

January 2017

Evan graduates (B.Sc.)!

May 2017