Welcome to the web site of the Proulx research group. We are a research group at NC State University interested in topics at the interface of Chemistry and Biology. In particular, we focus on the design, synthesis, folding, & function of peptide mimics. Please browse our web site or contact Prof. Caroline Proulx for more information.


05/05/2020         Caroline receives the LeRoy and Elva Martin Award for Teaching Excellence.


04/28/2020        Congratulations to Quibria for being awarded the Osteryoung Award for Research.


04/23/2020         Preston is selected as the winner of the Senior Award for Outstanding Scholarship in the Department of Chemistry.                                Congratulations on all your accomplishments, Preston! 


04/23/2020         Adam and Briley both receive undergraduate research awards from the Office of Undergraduate Research.


04/01/2020         Preston receives an honorable mention from the NSF GRFP competition this year - congratulations!


12/03/2019         Congratulations to Hailey and Quibria on their recently accepted publication in J. Org. Chem., featured in a special                                    issue on "Modern Peptide and Protein Chemistry".


10/21/2019         Preston represents the group at SERMACS this year, held in Savannah, GA.

10/18/2019         Maxwell Bowles officially joins the Proulx lab as a first year graduate student - welcome!


09/26/2019         Caroline presents the group's work at the Boulder Peptide Symposium!


08/29/2019        Our latest paper on ketoxime peptide ligation is published in Chemical Science. Congratulations to Quibria and                                         Hailey! 


08/06-08/09       Caroline participates in the first Organic Syntheses Inc. Sponsored Workshop on Organic Synthesis for Young                                           Investigators

08/01/2019        Preston, Brandon, and Kea, present at the 18th NC State University Annual Summer Undergraduate Research and                                   Creativity Symposium. Congratulations for a very productive summer!


06/22-06/28      The group travels to the American Peptide Symposium in Monterey, CA. Caroline gave a talk, while Quibria, Evan,                                     Carolynn, and Hailey all presented posters. 

06/17/2019       The group welcomes ACS project SEED student Sophia Cornish.


05/28/2019       The group welcomes Brandon Lowe, who joins us from Saint Vincent College as an REU student.


04/21/2019       Congratulations to Michael, Evan, and Preston for their publication in Molecules! Their work is part of a special issue                              on Advances in Peptide and Peptidomimetic Design Inspiring Basic Science and Drug Discovery: A Themed Issue                                    Honoring Professor Victor J. Hruby on the Occasion of His 80th Birthday.


04/29/2019       Congratulations to Evan Willis for receiving the Miles F. Anderson Award for Teaching!


04/09/2019       Caroline gives an invited talk at Seton Hall University - thanks to Dr. David Sabatino for the great day and the                                            invitation! 


03/31-04/04      Caroline and Quibria present at the ACS conference in Orlando, FL. 


03/23/2019       Congratulations to Quibria Guthrie for being awarded yet another travel award to attend the 26th American Peptide                                Symposium in Monterey, CA, on June 22-27, 2019. The group is looking forward to attending the APS this summer!

12/06/2018       Congratulations to Quibria Guthrie for being awarded an ACS Women Chemists Committee Travel Award, sponsored                                by Eli Lilly & Company, to attend the 258th ACS National Meeting in Orlando, Fl! 


10/23/2018       The group welcomes first-year graduate students Carolynn Davern and Hailey Young! 

09/12/2018       Congratulations to Quibria Guthrie for passing her preliminary doctoral exam!


08/16/2018       Congratulations to Quibria Guthrie for being awarded a Burroughs Wellcome Fellowship for the Spring 2019                                            semester. Well done!

08/10/2018       Congratulations to Michael McMechen for passing his M.Sc. defense!

08/03/2018       Check out our SYNFORM article, highlighting our recent paper in Organic Letters. 


05/30/2018       Welcome to Jazmine Lumpan, who is joining our group for the summer from St. Edward’s University, Austin, Texas,                                as part of the Chemistry REU program.


04/25/2018      Our first paper  "Oxime Ligation via in situ Oxidation of N-Phenylglycinyl Peptides" is published in                                                                 Organic Letters. Congratulations to Quibria! 


03/12/2018      Congratulations to Tyler, who received the Comins award at the annual Department of Chemistry poster session.                                    Well done!

02/11/2018      Caroline presents a poster of the group's work at the Chemistry and Biology of Peptides GRC in Ventura, CA.


01/08/2018      Welcome back to Evan Willis, who has decided to come back to the Proulx lab as a graduate student!

08/14/2017      Welcome to Preston Gourville, an undergraduate student at NC State who has just joined our lab.


06/12/2017      Take a look at the Accounts of Chemical Research  article on "Azapeptide Synthesis Methods for Expanding Side-                                    Chain Diversity for Biomedical Applications", featuring some of my graduate work with Prof. William D. Lubell. It is                                  part of a special issue on the Chemical Biology of Peptides.


05/29/2017      Welcome to Carolynn Davern! Carolynn is an REU student from NC Wesleyan College. Her summer internship will                                    include both an experimental component in our lab, as well as a computational component supervised by Dr. Elena                                Jakubikova and Dr. Elon Ison.


05/13/2017      Congratulations to Evan Willis, who graduated yesterday - well done! Evan will be spending the summer working at                                the mass spectrometry facility (MSF) and continuing to work in the Proulx lab part time. 


10/31/2016      Check out Caroline's latest (and last!) publication from Berkeley lab, featured as the ACS Editors' Choice in Langmuir.

10/27/2016      Welcome to first-year graduate students Quibria Guthrie, Michael McMechen, and W. Tyler Price, and to        

                           undergraduate students Evan Willis and Tanner Roseborough.


09/09/2016      College of Sciences News: "Meet the New Sciences Faculty"

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