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Welcome to the web site of the Proulx research group. We are a research group at NC State University interested in topics at the interface of Chemistry and Biology. In particular, we focus on the design, synthesis, folding, & function of peptide mimics. Please browse our web site or contact Prof. Caroline Proulx for more information.


04/30/24 Congratulations to Dr. Maxwell Bowles for successfully defending his Ph.D.! Max has made many important contributions to our work on the late-stage functionalization of azapeptides and we are looking forward to publishing more of his groundbreaking research soon. Among other awards, Max received the Burroughs Wellcome fellowship in 2022 and the Percy Lavon Julian Award in research this year. His work was instrumental to receiving NIH MIRA funding - thank you for all of your contributions to the group over the past 5 years!

04/24/24 Chris presents a poster of his work at the Spring NC State Undergraduate Research & Creativity Symposium - well done!


04/22/24 Kristy gives her second year talk on her peptoid work, completing the presentations from the Proulx lab for the semester! Nice job!

04/19/24 Meric gives his final Chemistry Honors Program thesis presentation. Thank you for all of your contributions to the Proulx group!


03/25/24 Karlee gives a great second year talk on her work with N-aryl peptides!


02/26/24 Molly gives the first second year talk of the semester - great job!


02/11-02/15/2024 Max and Caroline present posters at the Chemistry & Biology of Peptides GRC in Ventura, CA.


11/10/2023 The group officially welcomes Tyler Hobart as the newest member of the lab.


11/03/2023 Meric wins a People's Choice Poster Award at the Chemistry Department poster session - congratulations!


10/25-28/2023 Proulx group members attend and present at the SERMACS in Durham, NC. This includes oral presentations by Max and Ellen, and poster presentations by Molly, Karlee, and Kristy.


09/11/2023 Ellen presents her work at the NOBCChe conference in New Orleans!


09/08/2023 Skylar is the student speaker at the Integrative Sciences Building groundbreaking ceremony - way to go Skylar!


08/14/2023 Carolynn's latest paper “Late-Stage Chloride Displacements Enable Access to Peptoids with cis-Inducing Alkylammonium Side Chains” is accepted for publication in Organic Letters!


06/24-06/29/2023 Ellen, Molly and Skylar present their work at the American Peptide Symposium in Scottsdale, Arizona.


06/08/2023 Ellen is awarded a Tier One Advancing Science Conference Grant (ASCG) to present her work at the NOBCChE 50th Annual Conference in New Orleans. Congratulations on your second travel award this year!


04/26/2023 Meric presents his work on "Investigating The Metal Binding Properties of Azapeptides" at the NC State Undergraduate Research & Creativity Symposium. We look forward to continuing to work with Meric next Fall!


04/24/2023 Congratulations to Dr. Carolynn Davern for passing her final PhD defense on Monday! Carolynn was the only graduate student working on peptoids until very recently and mentored several undergraduate students over the past 5 years. She is first author on a full paper in Chemical Science and her work was instrumental to receiving NIH MIRA funding. She also won 3 poster awards this past year. Congratulations on all these accomplishments!

04/19/2023 Caroline's tenure is officially approved, effective August 16th! Thank you to all group members that helped make this possible.

03/28/2023 Caroline receives the Goodnight Early Career Innovators Award - many thanks to the Goodnights for all of their support (including the support of Skylar Harrelson as a Goodnight Scholar!)


03/16/2023 Ellen receives a travel award to attend the 28th American Peptide Symposium in Scottsdale, Arizona this June - congratulations!


03/07/2023 Congratulations to Dr. Hailey Young for passing her final PhD defense yesterday! During her time in the  group, Hailey published 3 papers and won 3 poster awards - outstanding accomplishments! Her work was instrumental to receiving the NSF CAREER.


11/29/2022 You can watch our video on the ACS Project SEED program here, with high school student Sheba Gage working on a collaborative project between the Proulx lab (Chemistry) and the Simpson and Barycki labs (Biochemistry). Emily Allego (graduate student), Sheba Gage, Skylar Harrelson (undergraduate student and Beckman Scholar), and Ellen Warner (graduate student) were all involved in this fun project.


11/11/2022  Hailey and Carolynn win poster awards...again! This time at the Boulder Peptide Symposium - congratulations!


11/09/2022 Congratulations to Ellen on passing her preliminary exam today - well done!


10/29/2022 We are excited to welcome three new graduate students to the group: Molly Carter, Karlee McKinney, and Kristy Witte!


08/12/2022 Congratulations to Carolynn on winning another poster award this summer, this time at the 11th peptoid summit!


07/22/2022 We are excited to announce that our NIH R35 Maximizing Investigators’ Research Award (MIRA) on 'New Strategies for Peptide Mimicry' was just funded! Special thanks to the NIH for the support, and to Carolynn and Max for all their hard work.

06/20/2022 The group welcomes Sheba Gage, an ACS Project SEED high school student that will be working with us this summer.


06/16/2022 Carolynn and Hailey both win poster awards at the American Peptide Symposium - way to go! 


06/15/2022 Caroline gives her Early Career Lectureship at the 27th American Peptide Symposium in Whistler, BC. You can see a summary of all the Proulx lab award from APS 2022 in the NCSU Department of Chemistry news here.


06/01/2022 The Proulx lab welcomes Katie Cartrette (NSF-REU student) and Skylar Harrelson (Beckman Scholar) - we are excited to work with you this summer!


05/18/2022 Congratulations to Hailey for the publication of her work on the "On-Resin Ca-Functionalization of N-Arylglycinyl Peptides with Boronic Acids" in Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry!


04/25/2022 Congratulations to Carolynn and Max for each receiving travel awards to attend and present at the upcoming American Peptide Symposium in Whistler, Canada!


04/07/2022 Congratulations to Hailey for placing 3rd in the Mathematical and Physical Sciences category at this year’s 15th Annual NC State Graduate Student Research Symposium!


03/16/2022 Congratulations to Max for winning a poster award at the annual Department of Chemistry poster session!


02/23/2022 Max's paper on the "Late-stage N-alkylation of azapeptides" is published in Organic Letters - Congratulations!


01/11/2022 Congratulations to Max for receiving the Burroughs Wellcome fellowship this Spring - well deserved!

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