Welcome to the web site of the Proulx research group. We are a research group at NC State University interested in topics at the interface of Chemistry and Biology. In particular, we focus on the design, synthesis, folding, & function of peptide mimics. Please browse our web site or contact Prof. Caroline Proulx for more information.


05/01/2021    We are excited to announce that Caroline's NSF CAREER proposal entitled "CAREER: Synthesis of Functional                                            Biomolecules From Tunable N-Aryl Peptide Precursors" was funded! Thank you to NSF for the support and to all group                           members for their continued hard work. Special thanks to Dr. Quibria Guthrie and Hailey Young.


04/14/2021     Congratulations to Dr. Quibria Guthrie for passing her final PhD defense! Quibria was one of the first graduate student                            to join the lab and accomplished many great things during her five years in the group. She will continue to work                                       with peptides in her new role as a Research Scientist at CEM in Charlotte, NC. 


03/11/2021      We have another Ph.D candidate in the group! Congratulations to Carolynn for passing her preliminary exam!


02/22/2021      Join us this week (February 25th, 8EST) for our third online peptoid seminar symposium, with talks from

                            Prof. Jumpei Morimoto, Prof. Galia Maayan, and student presentatons! Registration is free.


02/02/2021      Congratulations to Quibria for winning a poster prize at the NOBCChE 2020 Virtual conference!


12/10/2020      Join us next week (December 15th, 11EST) for our second online peptoid seminar symposium, with talks from

                            Prof. Annelise Barron, Prof. Donghui Zhang, and student presentatons! Registration is free.


11/04/2020       Ellen Warner is the newest member of the the Proulx lab. Welcome to the group!


10/29/2020       Congratulations to Hailey for passing her preliminary doctoral exam today!


10/22/2020       We look forward to the first online session of the Peptoid seminar series on October 27th! Contact Caroline for more

                            details on registration and/or abstract submission!


10/16/2020       Caroline gives a seminar over zoom to Research Triangle High School students to talk about peptide synthesis                                        and medicinal chemistry - we hope to see you in person in the future! 


07/23/2020       Caroline contributes to a review article published in Biomedicines entitled "Synthesis and Biomedical Potential of                                    Azapeptide Modulators of the Cluster of Differentiation 36 Receptor (CD36)", featuring some of her work as                                                a graduate student in the Lubell lab at the University of Montreal in collaboration with the Chemtob and Ong labs.

06/23/2020        Evan successfully defends his MSc thesis. Best of luck with your next adventure!

05/31/2020        Check out Caroline's perspective on an article published in Science by the Pentelute lab, describing the use of                                           automated flow chemistry for total chemical protein synthesis


05/05/2020        Caroline receives the LeRoy and Elva Martin Award for Teaching Excellence.


04/28/2020        Congratulations to Quibria for being awarded the Osteryoung Award for Research.


04/23/2020      Preston is selected as the winner of the Senior Award for Outstanding Scholarship in the Department of   Chemistry.                             Congratulations on all your accomplishments, Preston! He is heading to Vanderbilt University for graduate studies.


04/23/2020         Adam and Briley both receive undergraduate research awards from the Office of Undergraduate Research.


04/01/2020         Preston receives an honorable mention from the NSF GRFP competition this year - congratulations!


12/03/2019         Congratulations to Hailey and Quibria on their recently accepted publication in J. Org. Chem., featured in a special                                    issue on "Modern Peptide and Protein Chemistry".


10/21/2019         Preston represents the group at SERMACS this year, held in Savannah, GA.

10/18/2019         Maxwell Bowles officially joins the Proulx lab as a first year graduate student - welcome!


09/26/2019         Caroline presents the group's work at the Boulder Peptide Symposium!


08/29/2019        Our latest paper on ketoxime peptide ligation is published in Chemical Science. Congratulations to Quibria and                                         Hailey! 


08/06-08/09       Caroline participates in the first Organic Syntheses Inc. Sponsored Workshop on Organic Synthesis for Young                                           Investigators

08/01/2019        Preston, Brandon, and Kea, present at the 18th NC State University Annual Summer Undergraduate Research and                                   Creativity Symposium. Congratulations for a very productive summer!


06/22-06/28      The group travels to the American Peptide Symposium in Monterey, CA. Caroline gave a talk, while Quibria, Evan,                                     Carolynn, and Hailey all presented posters. 

06/17/2019       The group welcomes ACS project SEED student Sophia Cornish.


05/28/2019       The group welcomes Brandon Lowe, who joins us from Saint Vincent College as an REU student.


04/21/2019    Congratulations to Michael, Evan, and Preston for their publication in Molecules! Their work is part of a special

                          issue on Advances in Peptide and Peptidomimetic Design Inspiring Basic Science and Drug Discovery: A Themed Issue

                           Honoring Professor Victor J. Hruby on the Occasion of His 80th Birthday.


04/29/2019       Congratulations to Evan Willis for receiving the Miles F. Anderson Award for Teaching!


04/09/2019       Caroline gives an invited talk at Seton Hall University - thanks to Dr. David Sabatino for the great day and the                                            invitation! 


03/31-04/04      Caroline and Quibria present at the ACS conference in Orlando, FL. 


03/23/2019       Congratulations to Quibria Guthrie for being awarded yet another travel award to attend the 26th American Peptide                                Symposium in Monterey, CA, on June 22-27, 2019. The group is looking forward to attending the APS this summer!

12/06/2018       Congratulations to Quibria Guthrie for being awarded an ACS Women Chemists Committee Travel Award, sponsored

                             by Eli Lilly & Company, to attend the 258th ACS National Meeting in Orlando, Fl! 


10/23/2018       The group welcomes first-year graduate students Carolynn Davern and Hailey Young! 

09/12/2018       Congratulations to Quibria Guthrie for passing her preliminary doctoral exam!


08/16/2018       Congratulations to Quibria Guthrie for being awarded a Burroughs Wellcome Fellowship for the Spring 2019                                            semester. Well done!

08/10/2018       Congratulations to Michael McMechen for passing his M.Sc. defense!

08/03/2018       Check out our SYNFORM article, highlighting our recent paper in Organic Letters. 


05/30/2018       Welcome to Jazmine Lumpan, who is joining our group for the summer from St. Edward’s University, Austin, Texas,                                as part of the Chemistry REU program.


04/25/2018      Our first paper  "Oxime Ligation via in situ Oxidation of N-Phenylglycinyl Peptides" is published in                                                                 Organic Letters. Congratulations to Quibria! 


03/12/2018      Congratulations to Tyler, who received the Comins award at the annual Department of Chemistry poster session.                                    Well done!

02/11/2018      Caroline presents a poster of the group's work at the Chemistry and Biology of Peptides GRC in Ventura, CA.


01/08/2018      Welcome back to Evan Willis, who has decided to come back to the Proulx lab as a graduate student!

08/14/2017      Welcome to Preston Gourville, an undergraduate student at NC State who has just joined our lab.


06/12/2017      Take a look at the Accounts of Chemical Research  article on "Azapeptide Synthesis Methods for Expanding Side-                                    Chain Diversity for Biomedical Applications", featuring some of my graduate work with Prof. William D. Lubell. It is                                  part of a special issue on the Chemical Biology of Peptides.


05/29/2017      Welcome to Carolynn Davern! Carolynn is an REU student from NC Wesleyan College. Her summer internship will                                    include both an experimental component in our lab, as well as a computational component supervised by Dr. Elena                                Jakubikova and Dr. Elon Ison.


05/13/2017      Congratulations to Evan Willis, who graduated yesterday - well done! Evan will be spending the summer working at                                the mass spectrometry facility (MSF) and continuing to work in the Proulx lab part time. 


10/31/2016      Check out Caroline's latest (and last!) publication from Berkeley lab, featured as the ACS Editors' Choice in Langmuir.

10/27/2016      Welcome to first-year graduate students Quibria Guthrie, Michael McMechen, and W. Tyler Price, and to        

                           undergraduate students Evan Willis and Tanner Roseborough.


09/09/2016      College of Sciences News: "Meet the New Sciences Faculty"

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